CF actively implements the internationalization strategy and has been committed itself to human being's respiratory health, through multiple collaboration with international partners, CF is now registering its finished-dose pharmaceutical products in global market including USA, EU, Middle East,South America, etc
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CF PharmTech is dedicated to building a comprehensive and integrated R&D platform and offering partners a CDMO service for inhalation products.
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  • R&D Services

    Feasibility Study

    Formulation Development

    Analytical Method Development

    Packaging Material/Device Screening

    Process Development

  • CMO Services

    Feasibility Study Batch

    Preclinical Study Batch

    Pilot Batch

    Validation/Clinical Batch

    Commercial Batch

  • Other Services

    Method Development and Testing

    In Vitro Testing

    Compatibility Study

    Stability Study

    Submission and Registration